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Goals for INEPS´ Youth Congresses

  • To learn to know and to communicate with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. 
  • To get the opportunity to learn knew things. Discovering. 
  • To develope selfconfidence.
  • To improve social skills.
  • To start a process where you can participate as an active member of the society.
  • To involve everybody in the decisionmaking.
  • To learn to plan, work through, evaluate a projekt and to spread the experience to others.
  • To experience belonging to a group.

  • To have good time.
  • To learn that learning can be fun.
  • To be more emotional secure.
  • To get more strength.
  • To make friends.
  • To find ways of communication.
  • To be more responsible.

A main theme is choosen by the organizers. All groups interested in going to the youth congress will propose topics to the organizers. Discussing the topics should be a part of the schoolwork. The organizing youngsters decide the topics from the proposals. All youngsters going to the congress can propose topics for the workshops. The organizers will choose 4-5 topics and inform the group that have proposed them. The group will prepare the workshops and other voluntar youngsters from other groups can help or take over. When going to the congress, the youngsters will select which workshop to attend. It must be possible to invent new topics when in the congress.

INEPS youth congresses that took place up until now:

10th Youth Congress Paris, France 2017 "Hang up Europe!"
9th. Youth Congress Berlin, Germany 2011 "International Learning for the Future"
8th. Youth Congress Patras, Greece 2004 Five Rings
7th. Youth Congress Stockholm, Sweden 2003 Identity
6th. Youth Congress Berlin, Germany 2001 Future
5th. Youth Congress Kuopio & Jyvaskyla, Finland 2000 Water - Aqua
4th. Youth Congress Göteborg, Sweden 1998 Travel Survive
3rd. Youth Congress Paris, France 1997 "Du bist too much"
2nd. Youth Congress Aarhus, Denmark 1996 "What should a life Qualification Be in the 2000th year?"
1st. Youth Congress Vilafranca, Spain 1994 "The European Youngsters and the Environment"

You may find more information about youth congresses and youth exchanges on: www.mirrorwebsite.net.


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"The spirit of man
is not like a vessel
that wants to be
filled, but like a
fire that wants
to be ignited."