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International Community of PL Educators: "PRODUCTIVE LEARNING AND INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT. Symposium in Berlin on 4th of November 2011.", IPLE Berlin, 2011. English
Olga Leontieva: "INSIGHTS INTO PRODUCTIVE LEARNING. A Russian educationalist visits alternative school education projects in Berlin", IPLE Berlin, 2009. English.
Ildikó Bárdossy, Mark Bashmakov, Ingrid Böhm & others: "PRODUCTIVE LEARNING IN THE LEARNING WORKSHOP. Pilot Projects of Pécs, St. Petersburg and Berlin Present Their Work", IPLE Berlin, 1999.German ? English.
Ingrid Böhm, Jens Schneider & others: "PRODUCTIVE LEARNING - AN EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE IN EUROPE", IPLE Berlin, 1996. German - English ? French. 
Angelika Arnold, Ingrid Böhm, Heike Borkenhagen, Ulrike Ernst, Holger Mirow and Jens Schneider: "PRODUCTIVE LEARNING ? FROM ACTIVITY TO EDUCATION. A Contribution to School Reform in Secondary Education", IPLE Berlin, 2009. German ? English.
Videos - Congresses
> Video of the Youth Congress in Paris 2017 “Hung Up Europe!"

> 23rd INEPS Congress. Patras, Greece. 2011.The holistic approach and multiprofessional collaboration in Productive Learning. Has prevention from addictive substances and behaviors a supportive role to it?. IDAP TV 23rd INEPS Congress In Patras, Greece 2011 (PART 1)
> 22th INEPS Congress. Bucarest, Romania. 2010. Building bridges over troubled waters ? Productive Learning improving general skills needed in personal and working life. IDAP TV. 22nd INEPS Congress In Bucarest, Rumania 2010
> 21st INEPS Congress. Helsinki, Finland. 2009. Exploring innovative environments for Productive Learning. IDAP TV. 21st INEPS-Congress In Helsinki, Finland 2009
> 20th INEPS Congress. Bourgas, Bulgaria. 2008. Individual Vocational Orientation in Productive Learning. IDAP TV. 20th INEPS Congress In Burgas, Bulgaria 2008
> 19th INEPS Congress. Pécs, Hungary. 2007. Inclusive Education and Productive Learning. IDAP TV. 19th INEPS Congress In Pècs, Hungary 2007
> 18th INEPS Congress. Wernigerode, Germany. 2006. Productive Learning: An Educational Approach for Everybody?. IDAP TV. 18th INEPS Congress In Wernigerode, Germany 2006
> 17th INEPS Congress. Moscow, Russia. 2005. Democratisation of Education - Participation as a Motor of Developing Democracy. IDAP TV. 17th INEPS Congres In Moskow, Russia 2005
> 16th INEPS Congress. Vilafranca del  Penedès, Catalonia, Spain. 2004. Productive Learning for a Better Cultural Understanding. IDAP TV. 16th INEPS Congress In Vilafranca, Catalonia-Spain 2004
> 15th INEPS Congress. Hämeenlinna, Finland. 2003. Providing Equal OpportunIties for Disadvantaged Young People. IDAP TV. 15th INEPS Congress In Hämeenlinna, Finland 2003
> 14th INEPS Congress. Patras, Greece. 2002. The Interaction between Community Education and Productive Learning. IDAP TV.  14th INEPS Congress In Patras, Greece 2002
> 13rd INEPS Congress New York, 2001. Providing Diverse Educational Alternatives in a Multicultural Community. IDAP TV.  
> 12th INEPS Congress. Stockholm, Sweden. 2000. Opening up the World for Disadvantaged Young People. IDAP TV.  
> 11th INEPS Congress. Berlin, Germany. 1999. Productive Learning: a Common Future of Education and Economy. IDAP TV.  11th INEPS Congress In Berlin, Germany 1999
> 10th INEPS Congress. Krakow, Poland. 1998. Productive Learning: From Alternative to Mainstream Education. IDAP TV.  10th INEPS Congress In Krakau, Poland 1998
> 9th INEPS Congress. Funchal, Madeira. 1997. Individual Development and Personal Growth Through Productive Learning. IDAP TV  9th INEPS Congress In Funchal-Madeira, Portugal 1997
Videos - Youth Congresses
> 9th INEPS Youth Congress. Berlin, Germany. 2011. International Learning for the Future". Alppila Comprehensive School, Helsinki.  
> 6th INEPS Youth Congress. Berlin, Germany. 2001. Future. IDAP TV. 6th INEPS Youth Congress. In Berlin, Germany 2001
Videos - Projects and Schools
PRODUCTIVE LEARNING IN SECONDARY SCHOOLS IN VILAFRANCA. Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalonia, Spain. 2009. Catalan ? English
CÖPÄ JA ELINA ? EXPERIENCES OF MY OWN CAREER. Finland. 2006. Finnish ? English.

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is not like a vessel
that wants to be
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fire that wants
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