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Since 1990 INEPS is an international network which aims to promote the idea of productive learning - learning through activity and experience.

In this network educators from schools and projects all over Europe and the US are exchanging their current programmes, methods and perspectives.

The aims of INEPS are:
  • To prepare our youth for peace, cooperation, respect and equality.
  • To develop, to make known and disseminate the philosophy and the advantages of Productive Learning (PL). 
  • To develop the methodology and practices of PL.
  • To foster cooperation between its members.
  • To organize meetings, conferences and seminars to publish books or pamphlets, to use the modern media (web pages etc.) and to do everything that leads to the achievement of the above main aims.

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"The spirit of man
is not like a vessel
that wants to be
filled, but like a
fire that wants
to be ignited."